Host Hany Fahim tells the fascinating and sometimes frightening story of some massive DOS attacks that knocked clients offline for extended periods of time, along with a ransom letter demanding thousands of dollars.

Hany and his team spent hundreds of hours dealing with the attacks, which led to a Denial of Sleep, too! 

This is a desperate, edge-of-the-seat tale that makes it clear that only those with nerves of steel should get into the Internet Ops business! And of course, the work demands ingenuity, creativity, and a penchant for research.

Should Internet Ops professionals pay ransom fees? How did Hany keep focused and come up with viable solutions? How did he maintain his composure when, on the inside, he was a ball of stress, unable to eat or sleep, having already spent thousands of dollars dealing with these attacks. These are just a few of the questions Hany asks and answers in this episode.

Denial of Sleep is an accessible story, thanks to Hany’s use of an analogy – the coffee shop. This shop represents a web application, and the loyal coffee drinkers are the end users. Meanwhile, the sidewalks, roads, and highways serve as the various networks that people can use to get to the shop. This is the World Wide Web we all know.

Connect with Hany at his company and LinkedIn.

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