Welcome to Tales From the Ops Side, a new podcast show exploring Internet Ops.

Tales From the Ops Side is produced by stack.io and narrated by stack.io’s founder, Hany Fahim. 

The show is an exploration of Hany’s adventures in running stack.io. Hany delves into the latest technologies, trends, and challenges in the business of building and operating web applications in the public cloud. 

If you work in DevOps or Internet Ops, you’ll know exactly what Ops Side means. For those who don’t, DevOps is a culture of development and IT operations teams working together.

And before you stop reading, assuming that Tales From the Ops Side will be too technical or dry, hold on! Hany is an outstanding storyteller and uses everyday examples as analogies to make his episodes accessible and engaging.

He takes listeners on some incredible journeys as he describes the extent to which he and his team sometimes go to resolve client issues. Be prepared to hear about leap-seconds, earthquakes and the moon, repressive regimes in Brazil, and Hany’s favourite errors. Yes! All these disparate topics help make up Tales From The Ops Side.

Based in Toronto, Canada, stack.io helps clients implement DevOps practices and adopt a DevOps culture, so that they can focus on their core business services, web application development. 

In this trailer episode Hany discusses stack.io’s objectives, its origin story, the latest trends in DevOps, and what it’s been like launching, growing, and running a tech start-up.

Hany attributes his success to the fact that he’s an incredibly curious guy, and a heads-down kind of guy, too. He focuses intensely on the problem before him. This allows him to maintain composure when others could feel overwhelmed. 

For example, in Episode One, Denial of Sleep, Hany digs into some pretty vicious and sustained DoS attacks, along with a ransom note for thousands of dollars. Hany’s calmness, curiosity, and ability to dig deep saw him though. 

If you work in Internet Ops or appreciate well-told stories full of surprising facts told with intrigue and humour, Tales From The Ops Side is for you!

And now, let’s hear some Tales From the Ops side with Hany Fahim, interviewed by Sheelagh Caygill.

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