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Tales From the Ops Side is a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at the running of an Internet Ops company.

Hosted by Hany Fahim – owner of Toronto-based stack.io – Tales From The Ops Side is a must-listen for anyone working in or interested in Internet technology

Even if you’re not part of the Internet tech world, you’ll find this show informative and entertaining! Hany explores such things as the interconnectedness between the moon, tides, and time, handling pressured deadlines, assisting nations dealing with oppressive government policies, and what it takes to launch and run a tech startup.

As a storyteller, Hany is a natural, weaving in little details that add depth and colour to his narratives. He uses analogies to make his tech stories truly accessible to all.

And Hany’s curiosity takes listeners on some wild and eclectic journeys, with extensive exploration of both causes and solutions! You’ll be surprised at what you discover and learn!

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