Host Hany Fahim tells a roller-coaster tale of an emergency situation that occurred one beautiful summer evening in 2012. 

When multiple client websites his company supported mysteriously went down without warning, Hany raced against the clock—quite literally, it turned out—to get everything back up and running.

Although his alerts indicated that high load was at the heart of the issue, when Hany checked things out, he was in for a surprise. Nothing seemed to indicate anything should be wrong. So, what could have possibly all these different systems to go down all at once?

After finding an oddly simple solution, Hany traced the root of the problem back to an unlikely place: time keeping. This discovery took Hany down a research rabbit hole—one that changed his understanding of space and time, and the meaning of interconnectedness. Hany reflects on the unpredictability of the universe itself in this episode, and his tenacious spirit that summer night shows how important it is to rise to the occasion in Ops when things go awry. 

Earthquakes and The Moon is an intriguing deep-dive into science, time, and the physics of the universe. Hany’s story twists and turns to show how a single second, the Moon, and an earthquake half a world away can change the course of history.

Hany is founder and CEO of and you can connect with him there, or on LinkedIn.

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